Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nadi Astrological

Hi friends, Once Again I meet You with my different experience.Yeah This sunday (30-08-2009) .I went to saw my astrology using my Thumb impression. Sri Kousiga agastheeya Nadi Astrological Bureau is located in virugambakkam chennai. I went that place for seeing my forcasting life. Shri.Chandra Shekar Naadi astro palmist get my Right hand Thumb impression and search in olai suvadi which is called leaf,He have lot of olai suvadi.Finally he got that corresponding to my thumb immpression. I denote to him only my age and sex. He told to me My Name,Wife name,Father name,mother name,their job,my work etc. I really Surprised. He told this is our siddhas magical work. I really impressed. He told all the things about me. He named each part of our life as Kandams. There are 15 kandams are there.
  1. To be found out through impression(Gents Right,Ladies Left)or Horoscope of the concerned person,will get Name,Parent's Name (or)wife with Nos.of children and brothers/sisters,for present general predictions must required to Deeply see the other all Kandams.
  2. Family,Education,Finance,Talent,speech,eyes and Lucky Stones.
  3. About affectionated No.of brothers/sisters their help and ill feelings then,Ears,courtage House hold utilities.
  4. Mother,House,Vehicles,Land and personal position.
  5. No.of childrens their future Life the day on seeing this Kandam.If not possibility measures to get a children (or) mode of adoption.
  6. Time period of Disease,Debts,Enemies & cases.
  7. Time period of Marriage,Marriage Life,some important points of Marriage,Passed out Marriage position then General predictions about marriage.If married will get Husband (or) wife profie.
  8. Longevity,possibility of Accidents and Dangers in Life period.Age,Month,Day,Time,Star,Thithi.
  9. Father predictions like Regard to father his wealth,visit to Temples,Lck,preaching through Holymen and charitable Deeds.
  10. Profession,Future predictions in regard to job (or) Business.The Best Business (or) Job possibilities.
  11. Profit and second Marriage.
  12. Expenditure,Foreign Visit,Next Birth and Attainment of solvation.
  13. Santhi Pariharam:Last birth,sins commited,remedial measures for getting rid effect of the past birth sins.
  14. Deekshai kandam:Manthra japam,Wearing of Rakshi(Talissman) for avoidance of enemies.
  15. Avushatha Kandam: Medicines for long standing diseases and method of taking systems.
Initail Fee :Rs.300/- For Additional Kandam:Rs.200/-Kandam. If Anybody have interest then Just Ask me for the address I will tell you.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Worst experience during walkin in CTS company

Hi friends,
Last Saturday 22-08-2009 I went to cognizant technology solutions for walk in interview based on received mail from cognizant. I went to interview to dot net and sqlserver professional. On that day I reached the CTS company which is located at behind lifeline hospital,kandanchavadi,chennai at 8'o clock .

Before I went to that place lot of people appeared for interview. All are standing on outside the gate. We were asking to security for open the gate,but he could not agreed with us. After one hour he opened the door and we were formed a big line. CTS people treat five by five. So I was standing in the line more than one hour.

I have 2.8 years experience in dot net and sql server.CTS mentioned in mail for requirement on dot net is 2 to 6 years experience.So I felt I am suitable for that vacany.On my turn, the CTS people said that, we need only 3 to 6 years experienced guy.You have only 2.8 years experience. So we unable to proceed you. But I debated with that person based on that email. But no use. So I returned to my home with bad experience.

I don't know why CTS people behaved like that.Even though They have conducted the interview for experienced guys. But they were treated us like freshers. I have negative thought on CTS Company.

My another kind of worst experience in HCL technologies
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Kandaswamy Movie review

Last Sunday My Friend went to the movie kandaswamy in mayajal. He told me about that movie. I want to share that with you.
Cast : Vikram, Shriya Saran, Vivek, Santhanam, Krishna, Indrajith and others
Director : Susi Ganesan
Camera : N. K. Ekambaram
Music director : Devi Sri Prasad
Producer : Kalaipuli S. Dhanu
Film Distribution :

Kalaipuli International

The story revolves around a group of friends who came to Chennai with bare necessities but with a load of dreams and an examination hall ticket. What surprises us is that all of them get recruited with CBI. The money they obtain from raids is used to serve the poor and needy. Kanthaswamy, who secretly doles out money for surgeries, education and weddings in poor families, becomes a phenomenon that is difficult to demystify. Prabhu, does justice to his role as the intelligence officer and he does nail the superhero after 3 long drabby hours.

The movie stretches unreasonably without any rhyme or reason and the hero’s rooster’s outfit and a slightly odd demeanor is exposed in all his vulnerability as the movie progresses. The editing is not good as it does follow a definite sequence. The scenes are just scattered that makes one feel that any scene could be placed anywhere inside the movie. After you feel you have reached the climax, the movie still proceeds to another half hour with an item number and then finally reaches the climax.

Movie Trailer

Vikram has done his role to his best, and he is charming at times especially when he raises his eyebrows in a charming manner while countering Shriya’s jaunts and also when he breaks into a secret smile while nailing the corrupt politicians. He saves the movie to a great extent. What spoils the broth are the clich├ęd dialogues!

Shriya’s skin show is a treat to all her fans. The short hairstyle that she sports in Kandaswamy is the latest trend among women. Her role, albeit smoking hot, rather comes across as a dumb girl who strips down to threaten Vikram in his fully CCTV monitored office room. Now that’s only a sample of inferior writing.

Ashish Vidhyarthi and Y G Mahendra’s roles are disorganized and Vadivelu’s comedy scenes are not enjoyable as they pop in at odd times even when the movie gets really serious. Cinematography is commendable and Devi Sri Prasad’s tunes make us tap our feet. The movie is simply watchable but nothing more!

positive points: 1) racy screenplay 2) vikraam acting & attitude 3) Devi Sri Prasad's background score which brings life to each and every seen of the movie 4) Vadivelu's hillarious works.. 5) Prabhu & aashish vidhyarthi's acting.. 6) incredible fight sequence's 7) rich camera work.. hats off to n.k ekaambaram.. 8) you dont get bo*ed at any point in d movie.. minus points: 1) skin show by shreya 2) the villan from pokkiri.. susi ganesan should have choosen a better one.. he brings laughter when he dances in pambara kannale song with mumaith khan.. 3) sometimes the BG is so loud tat we cant hear d dialoges 4) suchitra's voice dosent sink with shreya's acting.. 5) shreya's acting

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hi Buddies, Last sunday (2009-08-23) I went to Tiger cave near to mahabalipuram with my friends.It's a ideal place to picnic with your friends. We were start our journey at 10'O clock from purasaiwalkkam. we had reached that place around 11'o clock. First we played cricket, there was very good entertainment. Some Of the Photos shooted while playing cricket
After that we were take the good bath in sea as well as sun. It's a nice place for swimming and fun. We felt our privacy,cause no one are take bath except us. After that we were reached our home at 7'O clock.We were went that place by Van. Total cost for that van is only 2000 Rupees. We were identified the good place around the chennai for one day trip. So I want to introduce that place to you also. Get that info and Enjoy that place ,If you have time. [Note:I forget to tell one thing. In tiger cave some of the ancient statues and pictures or there. One more intresting thing is Tsunami temple. The temple is identified due to Tsunami. So that murugan temple getting name as Tsunami temple. That temple is undertaking by geologist. Place:Tiger Cave Distance: 50 Kms from Chennai (near mahabalipuram) Best Suit for :One Day trip


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