Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hotels in chennai at week end entertainment

Hi friends,

I have some knowledge about the hotels in Chennai. I want to share with you about that hotels.I am not giving details about the star hotels. Here I am giving details about hotels which are visited by me only. So all the hotels have reasonable tariff. Below I give the list at based on my opinion.

The Cave hotel

nalas appa kadai

  1. The Cave Hotel

    • This hotel situated in mount road,Chennai. This is hotel have very different infrastructure. In the entrance a big monkey welcomes you. Hotel looks like the jungle cave.
    • Foods are good.Rate is nominal and quantity of item is more.Means if you buy one mutton biriyani for Rs.90 is enough for two person.

  2. Hotel Nalas Appa Kadai

    • This hotel located just opposite to pallavaram railway station. 
    • Here there are 15 types of appam are providing you.Rate is normal. means one plain appam rate is Rs.10 Approximatly.

  3. Hotel Dindigul thalapakatti naidu biriyani

    • There  two hotels are there in Chennai.One is in nungambakkam other is in Anna nagar.
    • This is the biriyani special hotel.Normally the city Dindigul is famous for locker.But now it is famous  for biriyani,because of this hotel.Yes.head office for thalapakatti naidu is Dindigul.
    • In chennai lot of thalapakatti hotels are there.But only two are the original branch of this hotel.

  4. Kurinchi Hotel,Royapet

    • This is the average middle class hotel. I went here only for parrota. In madurai city is famous for malli flower as well as parrota. In chennai a my knowledge only hotel supplying parrota as like as madurai.
    • One parrota cost just Rs. 10. This hotel is located near to ponnuchamy Non veg hotel at royapet, chennai.

  5. Hotel Murugan Idly Kadai,Kellys

    • This hotel's head office is madurai. Here Idly is famous food. But little bit costly. Hotel located near to CSI bain school,Kellys, Chennai.
    • Currently in murugan idly kadai offer only veg food.
Right now these are the good hotels as my knowledge. If I earn something interesting with other hotels in Chennai, Surely I will Update untill then Bye bye Readers.

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    Monday, March 29, 2010

    Worst experience in HCL Technologies interview

    Hi Friends,

    Welcome to all to my blog.I had one more bad experience with Indian IT giant such as HCL technologies. I got a call letter from HCL, regarding the scheduled interview On 31-01-2010 Sunday in dot net professional. I got this mail directly from HCL Human resource(HR) team. In that mail my scheduled time was 10 AM. So I went to the HCL office at 9:30 AM.
    Before me so many peoples waiting for the interview.I asked to one my college as "do u have call letter from HCL?". he said that no,My friend refered to me.I think this is the walkin drive. Yes on that day no scheduled interview conducted. So I was waiting for long time in that line.
    After five and half hour interviewer called to me on 4:30 PM and asked many questions in dot net,sqlserver topics,OOPS concept.I performed well during that interview. So I had cleared that technical interview round at 5:30PM. HR manager told to me "Please wait for the second level." I asked to manager what is the aspect in level two?. She told,It's also the technical round,Project manager handled the interview through telephone.

    I was waiting for my telephonic interview from 5:30PM to 8:30PM.On that time HR manager called to the people who were finished their first round and waiting for second round, and told to us "Guys our interview panel getting tried. So we decided to conduct the telephonic interview in some other day. We will inform you about the venue details through your email.

    We were accepting that thing because the reason is correct.After that I was expecting the mail from HCL HR manager.After the two days I called to HR Manager regarding this,She told to me,"We were in the discussion how do we conduct the second round?.So once we decided surely we wil inform you.So don't worry.".So I hold out the line.

    But still I am getting even on single call from HCL. I know HCL is the one of the best Indian multination company. But some employees mistake gives bad name to the company.

    Thursday, March 25, 2010

    Trick to hide your files in a winrar file as looks like a picture.

    By using this trick, you can hide your files in a rar file, but it
    looks like a picture.

    For this you need Winrar and a Picture to show instead the hidden file.


    1. Make a New Folder in any one drive, rename it to HIDDEN (you can
    put name of your wish).
    Let it be in C drive, so that its address is C:\HIDDEN\

    2. Copy all your secret files to that folder.
    Select all the files.
    Right click and select "Add to HIDDEN.rar" , here HIDDEN is the name
    that you gave to that folder created in first step.

    3. Delete all files, except the created HIDDEN.rar file.

    4. Copy an image to that folder. Let its name be taken as pic.jpg.
    This picture is used to hide the Winrar file that we made.

    5. Now open Command Prompt. (Start > Run > cmd )

    6. Change the prompt to C:\HIDDEN\ .
    To do that, in cmd, first type cd c:\HIDDEN\ (works only if that
    folder is in windows (C:) drive).
    If that folder is created in other drive like D:, then firts type D:
    ad press enter, then type cd D:\HIDDEN\.

    7. Now type the following:
    COPY /b pic.jpg + hidden.rar picture.jpg

    8. That creates a picture that looks same as pic.jpg in HIDDEN folder.
    This picture.jpg contains all your files.

    To get your rar file, just change the extension .jpg of picture.jpg to
    .rar , and open it.
    To hide, change the extension back to .jpg .

    Wednesday, March 24, 2010

    Nithiyananda sex scandal

    Few days ago, SUN TV played shocking video about nithiyanada sex scandal. Nithiyanada made great mistake and give the bad name to hindu religion. But sun tv relay the sex video again and again in between 7Pm to 10 Pm. Actually this is the time to watching tv with family. While relaying that sex video, parents were not able to restrict their child to saw that video. Video is there below.

    I think this is not good to family entertainment as like SUN tv. Why SUN tv displayed this video?.If there any quarral with Nithiyananda?.

    God only knows.

    Loan offer from banks credit cards

    Hi buddies,

    Yesterday I got a call from someone. Person said to me we are calling from hdfc bank, and we have excellent offer for you. I am getting tense and angry with him. But he ask excuse from me and told about opportunity. I was listening him speech. HDFC bank credit card users can avail 80% of credit limit as loan amount with no processing fee and low interest rate.

    He continuous for example your credit limit for that credit card is 1,30,000 INR then you can avail loan amount as 97,500 INR with 0.99% interest with 12 months of repayment option.

    I suggest you,based on my knowledge,This is really good offer,while getting loan as personal loan.So friends please listen call from banks. Yes sometime they will give useful information.

    Thanks I will ping you later.


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