Thursday, April 29, 2010

Don't belive the Work from home business

Hi Readers,

Recent days many of them getting Short Message Service(SMS), Electronic mail(email) even Sanil mail such as post card also regarding the business from home.These kind of business's main theme to destroy the 9 to 5 working style and work anywhere anytime. Advantages of this businesses are follows,
  • Flexible Timing
  • No Boss
  • No Deadline
  • You are the owner of your business
  • You can do your business even your Holidays
Actually above mentioned advantages of work from home businesses are easily attract the people who needs to switch over their job,students, retired persons, house wife.

The main question is this Real?
is it work 100%?

The answer from my side is NO NO NO. First we will see what kind of home business are there in the world?.

  • Home Based SMS Job
  • Earn from online with Data feeding
  • Earn from offline
For home based SMS Jobs, You should procure one sim card and a software from business provider.They have providethe moneywith some condition. That conditions are not sutable in real life. For example if you send the one lakh unique SMS per day then you can earn Rs.10000 INR. But just thing is it possible to send 1,00000 SMS per day.

Data Feeding Jobs also contains this kind of condition. They will provide image or pdf file. you should convert it to word document.But If you provide 100% error free document and with in the time limit then you paid otherwise nothing.

This kind of business providers first collect money from your side in the name training fee,license fee. They are giving you some training kit such as worthless e book. What are the contents in that e book is also available in internet also.

Apart from this some other jobs also are there such as Multi level marketing,refer and earn all are scam only. But I found some more interesting from google and infolinks. They are providing the revenue opportunity to website or blog owner in the form of ad sense. I think this is Good. 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Chennai Weekend trip to Queensland Amusement paradise

Hi readers,
Once again I give my thanks to you to support my blog.This weekend on Saturday, I had plan to  spent my time in more entertaiing. so I had choose three places.
  • MGM Dizee World, ECR road
  • Kishkinta Theme park,Varadarajapuram,Tambaram,Chennai
  • Queensland Amusement paradise,Palanjur, near Thirimalisai.
Queensland amusement Paradise

Among this three we have choosen Queensland.So next I made the action plan how do we going to that paradise. First I have searched for MTC AC buses in MTC website. But I my bad time there is no AC buses to Queensland. Second I had searched on suburban train. But I got train schedule for upto Avadi only. Next I had contact with travels.But tariff of the travels is too high. Finally I have arranged Fasttrack Call taxi service. This is the cheapest rate compare to any travels. I have starting my journey from purasaiwalkam. For this travel I have pay only Rs.475 INR only.

In Queensland ticket rate for Adult is Rs.350  INR,For Children Rs.250 INR. As well as they are providing concession rate for school students.I have a experience in MGM and kishkinta amusement park. But in Queensland is differ from other two.Yes in entrance employees are not checked our hand bag.They are watching only for entry ticket.This is good for some cases.Yes they are indirectly allowed the outside foods.I encourageing that.But in security point of view it's  not a good.because terrorist attack may happen.

Inside the park there are huge number of restaurant  available.In all the restaurant foods rates are very nominal only.More number of games are available in that so much of games are differ compare to other theme parks.But in the water game side, they have only two in the name of swimming pool,American wave pool.Here they are separated the area for both male and female.This is good.But I went to there with my family.Due to this restriction I can not enjoy with my family members.

Entertainment in Queensland
Above picture shows the bathroom in Queensland.All the bathrooms are like this only.Mirrors in toilet very dusty.There is no maintenance in that.Apart from this Overall rating is good.You must visit to Queensland.

How to reach Queensland.

  • Thru bus From Broadway to Queensland two deluxe buses are there.
  • By trian means From central to Avadi.You can get down to Avadi. after that you should go by auto.
  • By car then Fast track call taxi service is best.
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    Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    My real life Investment experiance such as Stock market,real estate,bullion market etc...

    Hi readers,
    Once again welcomes you all to my blog.I have submit my thanks to frequent readers to my blog.In this article I will share my experience in real money investments.

    1. Share Market or stock market

           I had decided to invest money in indian share market with the knowledge earned through Nanayam vikadan and some of the books.Regarding this I had opened the trade account from india infoline's partner I had invest Rs.5000 INR and doing some transactions with profit some with loss.
          Actually I am a working personnal.So I don't have enough time to actively participate in share market intra day trading. So i could notable to earned more money. So I had looking for some other investment.

    2. Mutual Fund

          I heared about the mutual who collect the money from others and invest their money in different sources, share the profit or loss with them.In this my work is only investing the money remaining part could managed by fund manager. So I called the fund agent and invested the money in two mutual fund.
    • Sundaram BNP Paribas select midcap
    • Bajaj Allianz Gold plan
    Above two funds I have gaining profit from Sundaram BNP Paribas select midcap, loss from Bajaj Allianz Gold plan as on date.

    3.  LIC Insurance policy

             Mean time I got married.So I decided to strengthening my family life.So I had investment in Life insurance plan.For this I searched many scheme.Finally I tied up with Life insurance corporation's endowment policy for 21Years.

    4. Forex Trading

            Next I put my leg in entirely different and most volatile market just is called Forex trading. It means foriegn currency trading.Actually I don't know nothing about this.So I download one software with dummy forex trading game , played and learned about this market. During the game I had lot of money.I had come with cofident in this field. So I had decided to invest in real market and invested.But I took zero money from forex trading.So I had quit that trading.

    5. Investing in real estate business.

            Few months before I bought a land in hometown near to madurai for 2.5 lakhs INR.Exactly after 3months I need to sell my land.So put the ad in newspaper regarding this.Many of the investors contact me.Finally I sold out my land for 3.10 Lakhs INR. I realized the power of real estate business and it's non volatile scheme.From there I have doing real estate business in my spare time with my small investment

    Thanks to send your valuable time on my blog. If you have any feedback then feel free to tell in my comments section.

    Friday, April 9, 2010

    Fraud Standard Charted Credit card in Chennai

    Hi buddies,

    Thanks for reading my blog continuously. I had a experience about Standard Charted bank credit card section.
    Yes on three weeks ago exactly on February 2010 end I got call from one lady.

    She said that " I am a employee from standard charted credit card section. Sir We have one offer for you. This is regarding Standard charted bank platinum credit card. Shall I continue sir?".

    I told that " Sorry mam I already have a platinum credit card from HDFC Bank. So I don't want that credit card." She replied sir our bank credit card has more features compare with HDFC credit card sir. she continuos it's features like.
    • If we are using standard charted platinum credit card in super market then we will get 5 % cash back.
    • No surcharges in petrol bulks.
    • If you purchase two cinema tickets in PVR cinemas thru online then you will get two more tickets absolutely free.
    I have interested about the third features on cinema ticket. So I accepted to applying for that credit card.She asked about my HDFC bank credit card details. such as credit limit, credit card number, expiry date for that number. I asked why do you ask other bank credit card details?. She Replied me " Sir we will provide the credit card to you based on your HDFC Bank credit card".

    I replied "If you give me credit card based on that card then I don't want. Give me the card based on my salary. SShe accepted it and asked to my Form 15 xerox. I gave it and fill the form. I had finished everything. But did not get the Standard Charted Credit card.

    Someone told to me, Standard Charted bank people to collect the real data from people like you. But they did not give the credit card. They are using that data for their incentive purpose only.

    Is it True? If you know then please explain me?


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