Friday, July 29, 2011

What is Software Escrow?

"Software escrow" is a agent for source code control  between buyer and seller.

suppose I need a customized software for my business process. I will contact to software company or individual software engineer based on my cost budget for this software. They or he analyze my whole business process and give me a solution as software. This software may be open source or executable based on agreement between me and them or him.
Open source means the whole project coding should be maintain by me.Executable means software coding maintained by software company or software engineer. Assume that "Kasper sky" is the exec which is provide the Antivirus functionality. It's source code maintained by "Kasper Sky" company. We need any updates or patches than they will do modifications in coding and give the latest executable to us.

Assume that after successful implementation of your customized software that software company or the software engineer goes to out of business then how do you manage your further updation in that software? Here the "software escrow" will play the vital role.As part of arranging for your software to be written, you and the developer can agree that a copy of the source code will be given to a neutral third party - an escrow agent. The agreement would then specify under which conditions that agent would be allowed to release the source code to you. For example one of the conditions might be the developer's bankruptcy or going out of business for other reasons. By using software escrow, the developer is protected as long as it makes sense for them to retain control, and you are protected should the developer disappear.

But I don't know exactly what happens if the escrow agent goes away?. If someone knows then please share here.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Do you know Dot CO is the new type of domain?

Hi readers,

We know that .com is the worlds mostly usable domain name. After that domain registraing companies introduce the variety of domains such as biz - for business, - for country whereas .in denote india like us-denote united states etc...

What is a domain name? 
A domain name is a Web address, such as, that is linked to an IP address (which represents a physical point on the Internet). When someone types a domain name into a Web browser, the requested Web page displays.

A domain name consists of a top-level and a second-level domain. A top-level domain (TLD) is the part of the domain name located to the right of the dot ( The most common top-level domains are .COM, .NET, and .ORG. Some other popular top-level domains are .BIZ, .INFO, .NAME and .WS. These TLDs have certain guidelines but are, for the most part, available to any registrant, anywhere in the world.

The part of the domain name located to the left of the dot — "godaddy," in this case — is called the second-level domain (SLD) name. The second-level domain name is the "readable" part of the address and refers to the organization or entity behind the Internet address. Second-level domain names must be registered with an Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)-accredited registrar.

Recently I have seen new type of domain as .co. It's denotes company,corporation,commerce,connect, etc
Benifits of the .co domains follows,

  • .CO is meaningful, memorable and intuitive for people around the world
  • .CO is relevant to individuals, businesses, and organizations
  • .CO gives businesses and brands the chance to create a worldwide footprint
  • .CO appeals to today's socially-networked individuals and entrepreneurs
  • With industry-leading technology, enhanced security and unprecedented rights protection mechanisms - .CO is poised to become the world's next premier web address

If you have idea to register the new domain or transfer to exisiting domain than try this new .CO domain in the below mentioned link

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mesothelioma is a complex disease

What is Mesothelioma?

Wikipedia gives the definition to Mesothelioma
Mesothelioma, more precisely malignant mesothelioma, is a rare form of cancer that develops from the protective lining that covers many of the body's internal organs, the mesothelium. It is usually caused by exposure to asbestos.

What are types of Mesothelioma?

There are several types of mesothelioma. All but one are cancerous, and most are aggressive and deadly. Some types denote the area of the body that is affected. These include pleural, peritoneal, and pericardial. Other types denote the type of cell affected. These include epithelial and sarcomatoid. Mesothelial cells produce a lubricating fluid that protects organs as they function and move.
  • Pleural
  • Peritoneal
  • Pericardial
  • Benign
  • Malignant
  • Epithelial
  • Sarcomatoid
  • Biphasic
  • Papillary
Mesothelioma treatment options:

  • Surgery
  • Radiation
  • Chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Heated Intraoperative Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy
  • Multimodality Therapy
 Mesothelioma statistics:
  • Patients typically experience a latency period of 25 to 50 years after initial exposure before symptoms arise. Less than 1 percent of patients have a latency period shorter than 15 years.
  • Around 14 to 30 people out of every million will be affected by mesothelioma each year.
  • The National Institute of Health (NIH) estimates that 11 million people were exposed to asbestos between 1940 and 1978.
  • Approximately 50 percent of patients will experience a life span of 8 to 18 months after treatment. About 30 percent or more have a chance of living five years or longer.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chennai weekend trip to VGP Golden beach Chennai

Statue man in VGP Golden beach
Hi readers,

Last weekend I went to VGP golden beach Chennai. This is the one of the very oldest theme park in Chennai.This theme park have one special feature which is not available in any other theme parks in Chennai. Yes Theme park have a private beach. You can enjoy in beach. Most of the traditional features are still there in VGP golden beach theme park. such as Statue man,Family dosa (little bit costly eight feet dosa =1000 rupees),Cinema shooting etc...

Recently apart from the traditional feature they are enhanced some more new features such as variety of riding, Chinese show, water games.

Entrance Fee

They are charging  as per June 2011 rupees 175 as entrance fee for adults and 100 for child. This fee is for entrance only. If you want to play any rides then you need to pay extra amount to each ride.It will be comes around 10 to 40.For water games you need to pay separate entrance fee as rupees 150 for adult and 100 for child.

Water Game 

Apart from any other theme park VGP golden beach is having water theme park. This is good and  cool for chennai people. If you want to play in water game then you need to wear their dress only. You can purchase that dress or take for rent. If you purchase then cost is Rs.300 otherwise 40 Rs.

How to Reach

VGP Golden beach is located in ECR road Injambakkam,chennai. All MTC buses which are going this side  should stop in this place. There is no train facility. Train will go upto Tiruvanmiyur.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

amazon mechanical turk is great way to earn money online

Hi readers,

My previous post about Don't belive the work from home business to explain the scam about this field. But today I am sharing with you about my some good experience in the work from home business. Yes Some of the Indians know about the site Amazon mechanical turk. So what is amazon mechanical turk? hereafter I will use the word mturk for the amazon mechanical turk. Their website explains

Mechanical turk is a marketplace to work.
We give businesses and developers access to an on-demand,scalable workforce.
workers select from thousands of tasks and work whenever it's convenient
Above sentence explains everything about mturk. Now I will give you a simple example to better understanding about mturk. Assume that you are very good article writer. someone in us want article about white shark. but he don't know how to write the article. So he put his requirement in mturk and mention the reward amount for that article. This work is called HIT in mturk. Now you can login to mturk and accept that HIT. He will check and transfer the reward amount to your mturk account. That's all. But mturk is not ending with article writing. It is having all type of HITs.

As a Indian you can withdraw your amount from mturk account through check only. For verification purpose they asked your government proof scanned copy.

Important Note

I earned 45$ in 20 days through mturk. After twenty days my account diabled. I asked to mturk executives they said
"Some of the requester compliained about your quality of work. So we suspended your account. If you already verified by us with your governement proof. Your account balance automatically sent via check."

Unfortunatly I had not yet verified with my proof. So I lost my earnings. So if you try to earn money through mturk then first get verified by mturk.It's stpos unnecessary lost of earning.

Getting started ASP.NET Themes And Skins

Steps to Create Themes
Creating A theme
Step 1: Right click the root folder in solution explorer and right click. A popup menu will appear. In that select Add ASP.NET Folder à Theme
The theme folder names “default” will be created under App_Themes Folder
Step 2:  Add a css file by right clicking the default folder and select Add New Item
You can add a folder for images (if u needed)
Add a skin file by right clicking the default folder and select Add New Item
The following is the sample code for skin file

<asp:Button runat="server" class="btn"/>
<asp:TextBox CssClass="TextBoxCss" runat="server">asp:TextBox>
<asp:DropDownList runat="server"  Height="22px" CssClass="TextBoxCss">asp:DropDownList>
<asp:Image ImageUrl="Images/SmallCalendar.gif"  runat="server" CausesValidation="false" skinid="SmallCalendar"/>

Step 3: Add as many skins as you need by repeating the step 1 and setp 2

Using it in Our Application

The namesapace for theme is System.Web.UI.PageTheme

There are many ways to use the Theme.
In Page Directive we can assign the theme property Like this,

        <%@ Page Title="" Language="VB" Theme="Blue"%>.

But this is Static.

If u need to change the theme dynamically then u need to change the theme in Page_PreInit event of the page.

  Private Sub Page_PreInit(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.PreInit
        If Request.Cookies("Theme") IsNot Nothing Then
            Page.Theme = DirectCast(Request.Cookies("Theme").Value, String)
            Page.Theme = "Blue"   'Default Theme
        End If
    End Sub

In the above code  I used to cookie to save the theme name. The following code is used to load the available themes in a drop down list

     Dim themes As String()
                Dim thmname As String
                Dim li As ListItem
                themes = Directory.GetDirectories(Server.MapPath("~/App_Themes"))
                For Each thm As String In themes
                    thmname = Path.GetFileName(thm)
                    li = New ListItem
                    li.Text = thmname
                    li.Value = thmname
                    If thmname = Page.Theme Then
                        li.Selected = True
                        li.Selected = False
                    End If

“ChangeTheme” is the name of the Drop down list. Write this code in Form_Load event.

The following code is used to save the cookie. 

        If Not (Request.Cookies("Theme") IsNot Nothing) Then
            Response.Cookies("Theme").Expires = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-1)
        End If
        Dim cookie As HttpCookie = New HttpCookie("Theme", ChangeTheme.Text)
        cookie.Expires = DateAdd(DateInterval.Day, 30, Now)

Write this in Dropdown list selected index changed. The above cookie is saved in the browser for 30 days. You can also use session variables.

In General, if we want to implement the theme to all the pages of a project, then you must derive a base class of System.Web.UI.Page And all the pages must use this derived class instead of System.Web.UI.Page.

The theorey part is as follows


ASP.NET Themes and Skins

A theme is a collection of property settings that allow you to define the look of pages and controls, and then apply the look consistently across pages in a Web application, across an entire Web application, or across all Web applications on a server.

Themes and Control Skins
Themes are made up of a set of elements: skins, cascading style sheets (CSS), images, and other resources. At a minimum, a theme will contain skins. Themes are defined in special directories in your Web site or on your Web server.


A skin file has the file name extension .skin and contains property settings for individual controls such as Button, Label, Textbox, or Calendar controls. Control skin settings are like the control markup itself, but contain only the properties you want to set as part of the theme. For example, the following is a control skin for a Button control:
You create .skin files in the Theme folder. A .skin file can contain one or more control skins for one or more control types. You can define skins in a separate file for each control or define all the skins for a theme in a single file.
There are two types of control skins, default skins and named skins:
v     A default skin automatically applies to all controls of the same type when a theme is applied to a page. A control skin is a default skin if it does not have a SkinID attribute. For example, if you create a default skin for a Calendar control, the control skin applies to all Calendar controls on pages that use the theme. (Default skins are matched exactly by control type, so that a Button control skin applies to all Button controls, but not to Link Button controls or to controls that derive from the Button object.)
v     A named skin is a control skin with a SkinID property set. Named skins do not automatically apply to controls by type. Instead, you explicitly apply a named skin to a control by setting the control's SkinID property. Creating named skins allows you to set different skins for different instances of the same control in an application.

Cascading Style Sheets

A theme can also include a cascading style sheet (.css file). When you put a .css file in the theme folder, the style sheet is applied automatically as part of the theme. You define a style sheet using the file name extension .css in the theme folder.

Theme Graphics and Other Resources

Themes can also include graphics and other resources, such as script files or sound files. For example, part of your page theme might include a skin for a TreeView control. As part of the theme, you can include the graphics used to represent the expand button and the collapse button.
Typically, the resource files for the theme are in the same folder as the skin files for that theme, but they can be elsewhere in the Web application, in a subfolder of the theme folder for example. To refer to a resource file in a subfolder of the theme folder, use a path like the one shown in this Image control skin:

You can also store your resource files outside the theme folder. If you use the tilde (~) syntax to refer to the resource files, the Web application will automatically find the images. For example, if you place the resources for a theme in a subfolder of your application, you can use paths of the form ~/SubFolder/filename.ext to refer to resource files, as in the following example.

Scoping Themes

You can define themes for a single Web application, or as global themes that can be used by all applications on a Web server. After a theme is defined, it can be placed on individual pages using the Theme or StyleSheetTheme attribute of the @ Page directive, or it can be applied to all pages in an application by setting the element in the application configuration file. If the element is defined in the Machine.config file, the theme will apply to all pages in Web applications on the server.

Page Themes

A page theme is a theme folder with control skins, style sheets, graphics files and other resources created as a subfolder of the \App_Themes folder in your Web site. Each theme is a different subfolder of the \App_Themes folder. The following example shows a typical page theme, defining two themes named BlueTheme and PinkTheme.


Global Themes

A global theme is a theme that you can apply to all the Web sites on a server. Global themes allow you to define an overall look for your domain when you maintain multiple Web sites on the same server.
Global themes are like page themes in that they include property settings, style sheet settings, and graphics. However, global themes are stored in a folder named Themes that is global to the Web server. Any Web site on the server, and any page in any Web site, can reference a global theme.

Theme Settings Precedence

You can specify the precedence that theme settings take over local control settings by specifying how the theme is applied.
If you set a page's Theme property, control settings in the theme and the page are merged to form the final settings for the control. If a control setting is defined in both the control and the theme, the control settings from the theme override any page settings on the control. This strategy enables the theme to create a consistent look across pages, even if controls on the pages already have individual property settings. For example, it allows you to apply a theme to a page you created in an earlier version of ASP.NET.
Alternatively, you can apply a theme as a style sheet theme by setting the page's StyleSheetTheme property. In this case, local page settings take precedence over those defined in the theme when the setting is defined in both places. This is the model used by cascading style sheets. You might apply a theme as a style sheet theme if you want to be able to set the properties of individual controls on the page while still applying a theme for an overall look.
Global theme elements cannot be partially replaced by elements of application-level themes. If you create an application-level theme with the same name as a global theme, theme elements in the application-level theme will not override the global theme elements.

Properties You Can Define Using Themes

As a rule, you can use themes to define properties that concern a page or control's appearance or static content. You can set only those properties that have a ThemeableAttribute attribute set to true in the control class.
Properties that explicitly specify control behavior rather than appearance do not accept theme values. For example, you cannot set a Button control's CommandName property by using a theme. Similarly, you cannot use a theme to set a GridView control's AllowPaging property or DataSource property.
Note that you cannot use expression builders, which generate code expressions for assignment in a page at compile time, in themes or skins.

Themes vs. Cascading Style Sheets

Themes are similar to cascading style sheets in that both themes and style sheets define a set of common attributes that can be applied to any page. However, themes differ from style sheets in the following ways:
v     Themes can define many properties of a control or page, not just style properties. For example, using themes, you can specify the graphics for a TreeView control, the template layout of a GridView control, and so on.
v     Themes can include graphics.
v     Themes do not cascade the way style sheets do. By default, any property values defined in a theme referenced by a page's Theme property override the property values declaratively set on a control, unless you explicitly apply the theme using the StyleSheetTheme property. For more information, see the Theme Settings Precedence section above.
v     Only one theme can be applied to each page. You cannot apply multiple themes to a page, unlike style sheets where multiple style sheets can be applied.

Security Considerations

Themes can cause security issues when they are used on your Web site. Malicious themes can be used to:
v     Alter a control's behavior so that it does not behave as expected.
v     Inject client-side script, therefore posing a cross-site scripting risk.
v     Alter validation.
v     Expose sensitive information.
v     The mitigations for these common threats are:
v     Protect the global and application theme directories with proper access control settings. Only trusted users should be allowed to write files to the theme directories.
v     Do not use themes from an untrusted source. Always examine any themes from outside your organization for malicious code before using them on you Web site.
v     Do not expose the theme name in query data. Malicious users could use this information to use themes that are unknown to the developer and thereby expose sensitive information.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Better placement for google adsense in your blog or website

Hi readers,

Today I will give you some juicy trick to get the maximum exposure of your google adsense ads in a page. Google adsense forum and blog itself explains the some of the high revenue ad block and placement. Here I will share you my own experience on google ads placement. After implementing this trick I will get more clicks on the adsense ads. For this you do following steps,

  1. Login to your blogger account
  2. Goto the Design menu
  3. Click Add a Gadget button (remember placement is not a matter)
  4. In the popup window choose the HTML/javascript gadget.
  5. Copy below code in the window and save it

<div style="display: scroll; height: 240px; left: 1%; position: fixed; top: 40%; width: 120px;">
{ADD Your google adsense script here}

Remember Your google adsense ad block should be 120X 600. this add will get best click through rate. Do it and enjoy it. This page itself contains the live demo on left and right side.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Difference between diesel and kerosene

Actually both diesel and kerosene are fuels produced by crude oil. We can produce these fuels as achieving the oil refining process. That means heating and condensing the crude oil on various temperatures. So apparently both are fuels, but it has some differences by the following point of view.

  • Production
  • Consumption
  • Rate
  • Formation.


During the oil refining process kerosene is produced at the temperature of between 150 degree C and 275 degree C. By the other hand diesel is produced between 200 degree C and 350 degree C


Literal meaning of consumption is usage of these fuels. Most probably in US kerosene is used in lamps and to heating purpose. In countries like India kerosene used for cooking. In many vehicles diesel is used as fuel.


In this view diesel is costlier than kerosene. If you sale diesel then you need to pay tax, but for kerosene need not to pay tax.


In this view we can see what ingredients are differences in both diesel and kerosene? In diesel has a strict molecular but for kerosene statement failed.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top ten free asp .net web hosting sites

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Top ten sites for microsoft sql server web hosting

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